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Name:Hope Estheim
Birthdate:Feb 28

OOC Information:
Name: adakie (call me Kei)
AIM: adakiewolf

IC Information:
Name: Hope Estheim
Fandom: FFXIII
Timeline: leaving Gran Pulse
Age: 14

Facility Apartment: 2103
Abilities: healing magic (50% strength, one cast per person per day), elemental descructive magic (50% strength), boost/dispel magic (50% strength)
Fighting Rank: physical- 5 energy- 7 intellectual- 6 constitution- 4
Hacking Rank: C

Overall Info Rating: G - R (high ratings will be for violence or talk of death)
Death: discuss beforehand please
Smut: discuss beforehand please
Yaoi - Het - Yuri: just someone close enough to his own age, it depends mostly on personality

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